Dégustez la Gruyère

Les vendredis et samedis soir

Cable CarImpression

To the Summit

The cable car leaves from Plan-Francey at 1,520 m. The 60-passenger cars take you to the summit of Le Moléson at 2,002 m, where a superb panorama awaits without any stair.
As you ascend the southeast side of the mountain, the horizon expands beyond the borders of La Gruyère to reveal countless other vistas.

Normal Prices during the day

 Prices One way Plan-Francey  Return Plan-Francey or
One way to the Summit
 Return to the Summit  3 ways optional
 Adulte 25 to 63 years  Fr. 14.-  Fr. 22.- Fr. 35.-  Fr. 30.-
 Young 16 to 24 years  Fr. 10.40  Fr. 16.-  Fr. 25.10  Fr. 21.60
 Child 6 to 15 years  Fr. 7.80  Fr. 12.30  Fr. 19.60  Fr. 16.80
 Senior from 64 years  Fr. 12.-  Fr. 20.-  Fr. 33.-  Fr. 28.-

Group : from 10 similar tickets lead simply payment -2.-/pers. on full price.

Funicular and cable care free with the Magic Pass.


Open from 18.05.2019 till 03.11.2019
Departures every 20 minutes at 9.10 am, 9.30 am, 9.50 am, etc…
Mon: 9h10 – 17h50
Tue: 9h10 – 17h50
Wed: 9h10 – 17h50
Thu: 9h10 – 17h50
Fri: 9h10 – 23h*
Sat : 9h10 – 23h*
Sun: 9h10 – 17h50

*from 6.00 pm : departures every 30 minutes, reduced rates applicable, extended schedule possible during events.

From July 31th till August, 17th 2019, open till 23h every evening.