Saturday & Sunday – Brunch of MolésonImpression

Brunch in Plan-Francey each Saturdays and Sundays from 7 May to 1 November 2022

In Plan-Francey, at 1520 m. On the menu: hot drinks, fruit juices, breads and pastries, an assortment of cold meats and cheeses from the region, homemade bircher, various salads, savoury tarts, Chef’s proposals hot and cold, from here and elsewhere…

Pay less if no blue sky is visible at the time of the transaction.

Possible arrival From 10.00 am till 1.00 pm
Prices when the weather is good Fr. 22.- up to 15 years
Fr. 34.- from 16 years
Prices when the weather is bad Fr. 15.- up to 15 years
Fr. 29.- from 16 years
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Link to the restaurant

moleson.ch - Place de l'Aigle 6 - 1663 Moléson - Suisse - T +41 26 921 85 00