A revolution in independent trekking!

Technology sometimes makes us forget the simpler things! Everyone has a smartphone and can use all sorts of tools to find their way in the heart of nature. There’s a GPS, a compass and apps. Great! But then you have network problems, and the batteries powering your inseparable touch screen companion begin to die, leaving you… lost!

This is a world first! Across between a trail event and a GPS, the association ID Rando has created the RANDOBOOK*! No need for signs, no need for 4G, apps, topographic maps and advanced orientation skills: just pass the RANDOBOOK to your children and follow the guide!

Happy trekking!

Moléson offers the following 5 RANDOBOOK routes. Take a look and download them to begin discovering our fabulous region!

Le tour de Moléson

Le tour de Plan-Francey

Le sentier botanique

La Vudalla

La Crête de Tremetta

*All rights reserved related contend of RANDOBOOK’s documents.

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